Future BioGast - Bio2Grid

Gatekeeper for the gas grid

The Bio2Grid is a grid injection station for biomethane injection into the gas grid. It acts as a gatekeeper for the network operator, ensuring that only GS(M)R compliant biomethane can enter the gas grid.

The Bio2Grid also takes care of odorisation, pressure reduction and fiscal metering for custody transfer, and is equipped with all necessary safety features. The Bio2Grid design has been approved and appraised by National Grid.

What does the Bio2Grid do?

The Bio2Grid guarantees the quality and accurate flow measurement of the biomethane, which is in the interest of the network operator, gas producer and gas consumers alike.

The Bio2Grid functionality in detail:
  • Continuous measurement of thebiomethane quality,
  • Returning the biomethane to the biomethane producer if the gas quality is off-spec,
  • Injection of the biomethane into the gas grid if the gas quality is on-spec,
  • Control of the biomethane pressure to comply with the pressure in the gas grid,
  • Slam shut valves to prevent over pressurisation of the gas grid,
  • Non-return valve to prevent gas flow back from the gas grid in case of upstream pressure loss,
  • Fiscal metering for custody transfer,
  • Ofgem approved FWACV system,
  • Limitation of the gas volume injected to the maximum volume allowed,
  • Odorisation of the biomethane,
  • Communication of all relevant data to grid operator and biomethane producer.

How does the Bio2Grid work?

The Bio2Grid is equipped with an Ofgem approved gas chromatograph, which measures C1-C6+, CO2 and N2 with a sample interval of only 4 minutes. The Wobbe index, density and CV are calculated from the gas composition according to ISO6976.

Water dew point, O2 and H2S content are also measured with separate analysers. Additional analysis of other components can be accommodated on request. The Bio2Grid also features a sample point that can be used to take samples for laboratory analysis, and for measurements with gas detection tubes and hand analysers.