Biomethane Solutions

How it works

Future BioGast is a biomethane producer. Our approach and activities are as follows:
We utilise compact, standard installations, built in containers. These are installed next to the digester.

  • The installations are modular, prefabricated, factory-tested and ready to use: "plug & play",
  • We carry out project management, engineering, building, financing, operating and maintenance,
  • We take care of gas grid connections, energy contracts, subsidies, insurance, certification etc,
  • We develop and design installations such as the Bio2Net® and the Bio2Grid®. These are pmodules which control biomethane quality, allowing only the right quality to be fed into the grid. They serve as the grid gatekeepers.

Advantages of biomethane
  • Biomethane is easy to market as the demand is high,
  • Biomethane can be stored, unlike green electricity,
  • Energy efficiency is high compared to green electricity,
  • No time-of-day tariffs, enabling all round production,
  • Suitable as transport fuel.