Future Utility Solutions - Projects

Recent projects include:
Provision of adopted HP pipeline, as a SLO, from a NG provided minimum connection, including a filter/meter/governor unit and a filter/meter unit situated at Liverpool International Business Park, inclusive of design,

Provision of HP pipeline to printing works in Liverpool, including afilter/meter/governor unit and filter/meter unit supplying gas fired boilers and turbines prespectively, inclusive of design,

Design and build of temporary and permanent HP skid units to supply turbines and drying plant for china clay site in St Austell, Cornwall, including connecting downstream pipework,

New gas supplies to domestic, commercial and industrial premises from IP mains owned by the various gas networks, including design and G17 appraisal e.g. Belford, Worksop, Aberdeen, Nottingham, and Berwick,

Diversion of 300mm dia MP mains for flood defence barrier in the Sheffield area,

Design, installation and modifications to boiler plant for gasholder antifreeze and other general accommodation buildings e.g. Reading, Mitcham, and Menwith Hill,

Holder/plant/building demolition design and project management, including site supervision, for various gasholder sites e.g. Rochester, Granton (Edinburgh), Southall, Beckton, Lancaster, Burnley & Sunderland,

Replacement of bell for spiral guided water sealed gasholder located at Thornton Cleveleys, near Blackpool, inclusive of the complete design, shop fabrication, site erection and installation, plus removal of existing bell and subsequent demolition,

Inspection, modifications and repair to various gasholders in the UK, Poland and Isle of Man e.g. Mitcham, Welwyn Garden City, Bedford, Port St Mary and Glasgow,

Provision of single lift water sealed gasholder for Acetylene storage on site in Bristol including detail design,

Revalidation of LNG storage tanks on large production plant in Cork, Eire, including replacement pipework and equipment, painting and civil works, inclusive of detail design,

Technical due diligence of existing gas handling plant in the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Portugal, for various clients, in preparation for sale, purchase or handover,

Inspection (and repairs) to existing pipework systems and supports on gas and chemical works in the UK e.g. Sunderland, Thornton Cleveleys, Hatton Moors (Doncaster),

Undertaking of Risk Management Plans on existing gasworks site in preparation for site development and/or land sale, throughout the UK,

Site service investigation on both operational and disused gas sites to establish 'live' and 'dead' services in advance of site remediation, gasholder/plant demolition works and land sale, throughout the UK.